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Want More sales Faster?

Google Ads, YouTube ads, Facebook Ads & Instagram


High converting sales page for products or service.


Social media calender and autoposting weekly.


Promotional videos to generate more viewers and clicks.


Generate more convertion with e-mail follow up.


Increase convertion with an automated chatbot.


...Easy and Smooth...

"As a small business owner I was looking for a easy and smooth way to cover all my digital marketing needs for  long term growth without surprising fees, without the need to hire extra professionals, and without time consuming and often resource devouring changes along the way."

"For me a great professional service provider must be honest and flexible. Jeferson has proven that hiring him was a win win situation due to his clear goal setting and keeness to adapt to current market conditions."

...Honest and flexible...

Diogo Silva

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Adriana Munhoz

Kleber Group

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Sell Your Services,   not your business.





Google Ads

LinkedIn Ads

YouTube Ads

Instagram Ads

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✔️Fully qualified marketing professional.

✔️Online advertiser certified by Google, Moz, Facebook and Microsoft.

✔️Content, Inbound, E-mail and Social Media Marketing Certified by HubSpot.

✔️Google Ads and YouTube Ads Certified by Google.


Who's Behind your Marketing Strategy ?

An experienced and graduated marketer and internet user from the dark ages of the internet when Google was GOOGOL and HTML was the only language around the block.

✔️ Bachelor Degree Graduating Computer Scientist

✔️ Associate Degree in Marketing Management

✔️ Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management

✔️ Diploma in Computer Technician


Jeferson S. Rique

Marketer & Programmer

This is everything you need

✔️ Everything for one fair price.

✔️ Unlimited marketing  advice.

✔️ Your phone rings everyday.

✔️ Sales Pages converting 24/7.

✔️ No commitments, after 3 months.

✔️ No nasty fees.

✔️ No Pesky contracts.

✔️ No boring meetings.

For you peace of mind I am backing you up with:


Money Back


Frequently Asked Questions

It is a one-man marketing and I.T. consulting agency specialized in 360 marketing strategy and marketing automation for SME with high conversion, sales boosting and time-saving as expertise.

After your trial period you will be signing a three months contract on one of the monthly plans. Once the three months minimum term has finished, your contract will be renewed automatically on a monthly basis without commitments, cancel at any time.

There is not hidden fee or surprises when it comes to cost. Extra fee is only charged when you ask for an extra service or expansion of a current service on your monthly plan.

Lokojef is flexible. There are no pesky contracts and no commitments after three months. You can easily cancel your account online in one click. You just have to send us an email requesting a cancellation. There are no cancellation fees – start or stop your account at any time.

The courtesy package is 100% free of charge when you signed any plan. That's correct I just said any plan even the Starter plan.

Yes. We do offer you a 90 days money back guarantee. If we do not deliver the entire sales funnel in 90 days we do refund the service fee. Be advised that we do not refund ad spend, domain registration, payment transaction fees and tax charged to provide the service.

Questions? Phone +61 460 935 712